October 2016 Columbia Valley Branding and Marketing Committee Final Summary Report of work from April 2015 – April 2016

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Isted Photo of Steering Committee

Photo by Dorothy Isted/Columbia Valley Pioneer

Steering Committee Members

  • Pascal van Dijk, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort;
  • Steve Paccagnan, Panorama Mountain Resort;
  • Michael Anderson, Tourism Radium, True Key Resorts, Radium Chamber;
  • Pat Bavin, CVArts, CCTA, Bavin Glassworks;
  • Wendy Booth, CVAC, RDEK, CBT, UBCM;
  • Dee Conklin, CVAC, Former Radium Mayor, Palliser Printing;
  • Mark Halwa, Greenways Trail Alliance (missing from photo);
  • Penny Powers, Invermere-Panorama DMO, Columbia River Paddle;
  • John Rouse, CVAC, CVArts, CCTA, retired CA;
  • Rick Thompson, CVAC, Business Owner;
  • Andrea Tubbs, CV Golf Trail, Swansea Communications