Helping you have this area of your business running accurately and on time

  • operational accounting –  payables, receivables, reconciliations
  • general ledger and financial statements
  • regular reporting and daily reports upon request
  • invoicing and collecting
  • sales tax – PST, GST, Corporate Tax, Instalments, and reporting
  • new business set up – creating a chart of accounts and implementing accounting procedures
  • clean up – reviewing and fixing past problems
  • special projects –  unexpected task current staff cannot handle
  • consulting – diagnosing and proposing solutions to get things back on track
  • payroll – including reporting
  • internal process audits – verifying cash, staff and internal controls
  • business plans – industry specific, determining long/ short term goals and  milestones
  • CFO role helping analyse data and trends
  • Liaison – working in partnership with you and your accountant